Do you have moments where you are surrounded by friends and family, or even colleagues, but feel completely disconnected from them? Do you ever get the feeling that you are an observer, watching everything from afar, as if your life were someone else’s?

Living consciously

You might find yourself making decisions without giving them due thought, wolfing down your lunch quickly to move to the next task on your list, zoning out during conversations with friends. You may feel trapped in an endless cycle of to-do lists and find yourself forgetting how to enjoy life.

Life loses its beauty when you live it on autopilot.

Conscious living is being present in every moment. Feeling every motion, thinking through every decision, enjoying the different flavours in your meals. It is enjoying the experience as much as the result. Mindfulness coaching can help you living more consciously.

How to live more consciously

Reduce distractions. This could mean having a schedule that ensures you focus on one thing at a time. It could also mean turning your phone off while talking to someone else or setting it aside while you eat. Clearing out distractions enables you to take things in and really appreciate them. Start to notice the weather, your thoughts and your surroundings without too much distraction.

Mindfulness training makes you aware of the things that distract you, and helps you reduce them. Learn to enjoy every moment in life without getting caught up in all the noise along the way.

Reflect regularly. What are your motivations in life? Your most dominant emotions and reactions? How do you feel at work, with your spouse, or alone? Reflection lets you understand yourself. You might discover why you get so annoyed at some things, like your colleague’s loud chewing. When you constantly check in with yourself and how you feel in different situations, you learn to be in control of your reactions.

Start reflecting by journaling or making voice recordings for yourself. If you’re not sure how to get started, a coach can guide you to create a structure and find some time to reflect on your life so far.

Slow down. Daily life is full of pressures. The rent needs paying, the dogs need walking, the dishes need cleaning, the children need transporting… we can easily fall into the trap of living busily rather than living mindfully. To live consciously requires you to take your time and enjoy the things you do. Savour the fresh air on your walk to work, engage in deeper dinnertime conversations, appreciate the natural beauty of the view from the window.

Putting it all together

Mindful living doesn’t happen overnight. Nevertheless, with a solid plan from good mindfulness and stress management coaching, you can start becoming more intentional with every decision you take. Don’t get stuck as an observer in your own life. Build your awareness and learn to enjoy every second of your life by living more consciously. Get started with mindfulness coaching now!