Everywhere you look in life, there’s a demand on your time. Your employer wants your best work, your spouse needs your attention, your children want your love, your parents want you to visit more. Throw in bills, deadlines, taxes etc. and it can all become a little overwhelming. But how do you know that your mind is unbalanced?

Signs your mind is unbalanced

You are constantly exhausted. Not because you have been running up and down trying to get everything done. Minutes after you wake up, or in the evening, you feel tired of everything, and have no energy to get anything done.

Restlessness and insomnia. Most nights, you hardly get any sleep. You keep tossing and turning throughout the night, with your thoughts racing from one thing to the other. You are chronically unable to relax. Anxiety or boredom makes you want to do things all the time. You are uneasy, unable to remain calm or still.

Lack of interest in life. You used to hang out with friends, visit family, go out, volunteer at your local church. These things have started to lose their appeal. You have become withdrawn, and people have begun asking where you went, and why you never spend time with them anymore.

Cluttered living space and poor appearance. You wouldn’t consider yourself a messy person. Your living space, however, has started painting a different picture. A picture further illustrated by your own personal appearance. Clothes are scattered everywhere, you have stopped dressing well, and you give off an impression of having just let things go.

Rediscovering your peace of mind

Practising mindfulness can take you back to being in control of your life and your mind. Become more aware of your thoughts and the negative things in your day that drain your energy.

Rediscover excitement in your hectic day-to-day routine with a mindfulness and stress management coach. Sometimes you get so caught up in your days that you forget to add in some fun or slow down. Work out a way to intentionally bring your energy back up through a renewed focus on living consciously, meditation, reconnecting with your body, or setting yourself an ambitious new goal.

Learn how to handle stress so that it doesn’t take over your life.

It is possible to regain some peace of mind even when you have been feeling off for a while. With some guidance, you can start to recharge yourself and finally get back to doing the things that once interested you. Enjoy a good night’s sleep again. Mindfulness coaching brings with it a raft of benefits – your well-rested mind and body will thank you for it.