Everyone goes through stressful periods in life. Pressure can pile up from different corners. You get stressed out at work, at home, by your financial situation, your performance, your motivation (or lack of it), your health, your family… nagging concerns can make your life unnecessarily hard.

Does this stress ever end? Is there an off switch we can press, or a pause button?

Unfortunately not – stress is a part of life that we all have to deal with. But what is truly important is not the stress itself, but rather how we respond to stress.

This is the essence of personal growth – learning to handle stressful situations. Consciously refusing to let them take control of your life, managing the pressure and enjoying yourself wherever life takes you next. Stress management coaching can help you living more serenely.

Reducing your stress levels with meditation

Meditation as a form of self-care. You have so much to do for others, from getting a report over to your boss by the deadline to having dinner ready by 6pm, that you forget to take care of yourself. This is a common problem for many people. In cases like this, using meditation can help bring the focus back onto you and your own wellbeing. Discover more about meditation and our specialized coaches.

Even if just for a few minutes, you can concentrate on nothing but yourself. If this resonates with you, then signing up for stress management coaching can help you include some self-care into your routine. Your wellbeing is important and deserves your time.

Focus on the moment. As your coach helps you get into the mindset of meditation, your attention is brought to the present. When you practice meditative breathing, for instance, you begin to feel how each breath affects you, how your lungs feel, your fingers, your feet. And mentally, you start to increase your awareness towards your thoughts in real-time, choosing which to study and which to put aside.

Bring quiet to your mind through meditation. Let an expert guide you towards total silence, not outwardly but inside your mind. Sometimes the silence is all you need to reduce your stress levels back to where they need to be. Meditation offers some quiet time to re-centre and achieve new perspective before you get back on the horse and face up to all that life has to throw at you.

Meditation techniques vary, depending on your preferences. Try some yoga to practice mindfulness, listen to some relaxing music before you sleep, or simply add a 10 minute break to your working routine to disconnect with some chamomile tea. Techniques such as breathwork can even be practised while at the office.

Don’t let life’s struggles get to you. Handle overwhelming situations better with mindfulness and stress management coaching.