You may find yourself wondering how other people can sit down and enjoy a drink, laugh and party like there’s no tomorrow. With all the things that need to be done, how can anyone even find the time to relax? More importantly, how can you?

You have many obligations and responsibilities. Everyone does. But as counterintuitive as it may seem, we are less productive if we don’t stop occasionally. Our minds need to calm down, disconnect and reflect.

You have probably heard this before, perhaps even gone so far as to build this time into your routine. You might have gone on coffee dates to break up the day, short walks to clear your head or wellness breaks in your car to get away for a few minutes. But even while taking a break, you have the urge to check your phone, reply to an email or think through everything still on your to-do list. If this is the case, you are not alone. Most people find it hard to let go and disconnect from daily routines. This is one of the reasons over half of all employees in developed economies experience burnout at some point in their career.

How to Relax More Effectively

Integrate it into your daily routine. Relaxation doesn’t need to be delayed until your next holiday. You can incorporate it into your everyday life. Mindfulness and stress management coaching teaches you effective ways of relaxing throughout your day. It shows you how to enjoy the present moment, and how to separate your work and social life.

Let go of worries and tension. How does your body feel right before a major presentation? Your palms are sweaty, your stomach feels unsettled, your shoulders tight. Nervousness makes your body tense. You can learn to loosen up and tackle your day through guided meditation practices, breathing exercises or some yoga.

Reduce your screen time. Most people spend more time on their phone or laptop than they would like. Catching up with current affairs and your friends’ lives isn’t a bad thing; however, watching a screen for an extended period can affect your ability to be calm. The pressures from social media, the stress from global pandemics and war, the blue light boring its way into your eyes… our connected lives make it hard for our bodies to unwind. Reducing our screen time through mindful practices can improve our mood and mental health, fix poor sleep patterns and reduce anxiety.

Make relaxation a long-term goal. Your coach will help you make a habit out of it. You can get better quality sleep, more time to rejuvenate, and feel genuinely rested. Get started with stress management and mindfulness online coaching now!