The 3 Ways to Keep a New Year’s Resolution

It’s that time of year again. Christmas is upon us, and the chances are you are reflecting on another 12 months of change, challenge and (hopefully!) progress in your life. If you are anything like us here at team ZenDays, you’ll be thinking about making New Year’s resolutions – and how to kick ass again in 2019.

There’s just one problem – keeping a New Year’s resolution is notoriously hard. Getting back into a work routine in the cold, dark January days makes introducing a positive change extremely challenging for most of us.

But this doesn’t mean it cannot be done! Whether it’s cutting out alcohol, getting fit, or making more time for family, our top 3 tips on keeping a New Year’s Resolution are here to help.



Keeping a New Year’s resolution is hard enough. If your goal is to lose weight, set an achievable target and clear way in which you will achieve it. Do not tell yourself the goal is to make the cover of Men’s Health – while it’s great to shoot for the moon, your apparent lack of progress will only demotivate yourself over time. Start small, and work your way up.



One of the main ways New Year’s resolutions fail is that they are not sustainable. We live in an on-demand culture, and most of us crave instant gratification when we try to implement change. Unfortunately, achieving life goals is not something that can be done overnight – you must build effective habits that deliver long-term results. The best way to do this? Baby steps, and building the changes into your lifestyle a little at a time.



As Stephen Covey immortalised in his management classic, “The 7 Habits of Highly Successful People”, you can achieve remarkable results when you begin with the end in mind. The same is true of sporting stars such as Andy Murray, who will often visualise his victory before taking to the court. What does this mean for you, in your effort to keep your New Year’s resolution? Before you embark upon any sort of challenge, make sure you clearly define your objectives and how to get there. You will be able to track your progress, and know that your goal is getting closer.


Putting these 3 tips into practice is easier than you think.


Let’s say that your New Year’s resolution for 2019 is to manage your stress effectively, in order to prioritise your health and to be a better person to those around you. Instead of telling yourself, intensely and constantly, “I must not get stressed” (which ironically will only make the situation worse!), start by defining how you feel when you are at your best.

Next, identify one simple thing that you can do every day that will help you combat stress when it arises – for example, why not try 5 minutes of meditation before opening your inbox in the morning. Focus and practice on implementing this one change, making it a habit. In time, as your new habit becomes part of your lifestyle, you can add more elements to take it to the next level.


From all of us here at ZenDays, we wish you a very Happy New Year. Good luck keeping those resolutions!